White House Advisor Fired

There’s a great deal of speculation regarding who exactly fired White House Advisor Sebastian Gorka. Some sources say it was Associate Press Secretary Sarah W.Earnest. Earnest was in the meeting with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly as part of an ethics review team of White House aides. Based on multiple reports, Earnest advised White House Counsel Don Register that she had been dismissed. At a later statement she said she could not confirm whether she was terminated, but that she would take a look.

If Earnest had been requested to step down from her post while under investigation for leaking information, as some have suggested, and if she stopped, then she may be in danger for firing herself or even being found guilty of a crime. This is a really serious situation. This is the Exact Same scenario as when White House Communications Director Mike Dubkin has been asked to resign by Press Secretary Sean Spicer. He had to resign the same day.

It seems though that White House Counsel Don Register might have been the person who recommended Sebastian Gorka because of for a replacement. Before we go any farther, I would like to assure you, that the only reason anyone should be concerned about this is because Don Register is on the shortlist of individuals whom Sean Spicer regarded as a serious possible replacement for Press Secretary. So if Register’s name is on this list, I would guess there is a pretty good chance that this entire situation will turn out just as the White House wants it to.