Vice President Biden: Biden To Shopkeeper Stop Being A Smartass

Joe Biden is a guy with plenty to explain when he tells you he was the person who was the smartest senator during his time at the Senate. He’s also a man who has shown a lot of talent as a speaker, and he understands exactly what it takes to be a good Vice President. But perhaps, above all, he is an extremely good public speaker and has been often times great at getting the job done in front of the big audience. If there’s anybody who has had the experience of dealing with the President of the United States, they know this is not an easy job. You’ve got to be able to take care of the loony executive orders, podium speeches, the cutting of bargains, the negotiations, the Cabinet meetings, the intellect briefs, and much more. No wonder then, that all these people state that Joe Biden has been the best Senator to serve in the U.S. Senate.

Joe Biden was United States vice president for the last six decades and served from 2021 before this year. Also after Barack Obama was chosen President of the United States last year, Biden was then his vice president to take care of the presidential elections. As a vice president, Biden had a very important role to play from the president’s schedule and it had been his occupation to get things done and ensure that the legislative agenda and other executive orders were properly implemented. He was also responsible for the passage of healthcare reform, fiscal regulatory reform, and a number of other important pieces of legislation.

With all that said, has anybody asked the question, “was president Biden a smart vice president?” No, since he was always a very wise speaker and a fantastic communicator, and he was also very capable of getting the job done with the rest of the tough guys around him such as John McCain and Dick Cheney. Now perhaps, it is time to ask other people to ask that question to themselves “VP Biden, Did You Think I Wasn’t Smart Enough To Know Everything You Were Saying?” Maybe, you also should become the president and assist America’s greatest state once again!