Politics On Gay Marriage

The Politics of Gay Marriage is an intriguing topic for many reasons. Some state it is a debate whether or not gay marriage is correct, but others decry the whole concept as un-American and unbending upon the will of the people. However, those in favor of homosexual marriage stay firm in their faith. So, what is the politics of homosexual marriage movement?

Many consider that the Politics of Gay Marriage began with the California Supreme Court judgment on Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in the state of California. Then in June of 2021, President Bush signed into law the St Patrick’s Day Marriage Protection Act, which protected the rights of any couple filing a suit for divorce, regardless of sexual orientation. This was an effort to soften the blow of Prop. 8, which had attracted many homosexual marriage supporters out in the streets in droves, demanding that the law be altered.


One of the most profound statements made by the homosexual marriage movement came from gay San Francisco resident Chris Murphy, who said, “I’mtired of being asked if I’m gay. I’m not homosexual, I’m an American” Even though the rhetoric was blistering towards most of heterosexuals, it had been especially directed at those in the Christian Right who opposed the passage of Prop. 8.