Jeff Flake: Porkers Like Hayworth Cost GOP Congress

As the primary election period gears up in Arizona, the race for Jeff Flake’s Senate seat is heating up. Among the more important problems the two camps are citing as they struggle for Flake’s chair is whether Arizonans want to boost the income tax rates which are currently being employed from the Obama government. Many within the Republican Party consider that Arizona already has too high of a tax burden and doesn’t require another high-profile candidate to split the party. Although most Arizonans wish to see a raise in taxation on the affluent, some inside the Republican Party consider that Todd Palin may be able to unite the ideal wing of the Republican Party around him and allow him to win the election.

Lately, Sarah Palin has become a rather popular vice president for President Bush along with her own daughter Bristol. McCain and Sarah Palin have been regarded as a ticket that is quite attractive to the conservative voters in Arizona, since they want to defeat Jeff Flake in the upcoming primary. Even inside the Republican Party, some prominent voices within the party such as John McCain’s former campaign genius argue that it is better if Palin should not operate against Flake.

However, in addition, there are many within the party that doesn’t agree with this sentiment. 1 such notable voice over Arizona politics is among the state’s most respected judges, who happens to be retiring from the seat. Judge Robert Young writes an editorial in the Arizona Daily Star in which he asserts that it would be an error for Arizona to elect Senator Jeff Flake and retain Senator John McCain. He further claims that it could be a mistake for the United States and the world to elect Senator Jeff Flake over Senator John McCain. He continues;”Flake has left his mistake by running from McCain-appointed judgeships that have gone out of control. It’d be better for Arizona to elect a Senator from a moderate position that has more credibility with the Arizona public”